Wednesday, January 7, 2009

E-Pop! Issue # 5: Mad Cow Disease at Old Navy

Lordy, the world is consumer with Mad Cow Disease! And the retail store Old Navy has possibly the worst case we've seen of it.

What is up with that new Old Navy Commercial? Is Morgan Fairchild supposed to be a younger Carrie Donovan (oxymoron) as they dance around, dressing and talking alike? Do these people on this commercial go into heavy duty voice training to get that bizarre iambic-pentameter way of talking? Is it going to be like Woody Allen films where all the characters, even the women and kids, talk just like Woody? Are we are all going to talk like Carrie "I'm mad for fleece" Donovan one day? Do male models like Marcus Shenkenberg actually think that strutting around in fuzzy knit caps talking like Bette Davis is going to help them land the next Ralph Lauren ad? Does Magic make more than that Taco Bell "Gidget" dog? Is Old Navy part of some vast right-wing conspiracy? Or is it some far reaching subversive Middle Eastern plot to discredit us as a nation by having us wear multi-colored fleece pullovers with twill cargo pants and thick-colored socks? If Old Navy wasn't our sponsor this week, we'd really have a few Mel Gibson "Conspiracy Theory" tales to spin. But until next week, we're mad for those mad cows in their commercial.

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