Wednesday, January 7, 2009

E-Pop! Issue # 9: Lost in Translation-Madonna's Hungarian Sex Interview

The following are extracts from an interview with Madonna by the Hungarian magazine Blikk. Don't ask us. We didn't name it.

Madonna's questions were asked in Hungarian, then translated into English. Madonna's responses were then translated back into Hungarian. The interview was then published in Hungarian and, finally, translated back into English. Time Magazine states, "to say that something was lost in the process is to be wildly ungrateful for all that was gained."

That worked well. Read for yourself:

BLIKK: Madonna, Budapest says hello with arms that are spread-eagled. Did you have a visit here that was agreeable? Are you in good odor? You are the biggest fan of our young people who hear your musical productions and like to move their bodies in response.
MADONNA: Thank you for saying these compliments (holds up hands).
BLIKK: Madonna, let's cut to toward the hunt. Are you a bold hussy-woman that feasts on men who are tops?
MADONNA: Yes, yes, this is certainly something that brings to the surface my longings. In America it is not considered to be mentally ill when a woman advances on her prey in a discotheque setting with hardy cocktails present. And there is a more normal attitude toward leather play-toys that also makes my day.
BLIKK: O.K. here's a question from left space. What was your book Slut about?
MADONNA: It was called Sex, my book.
BLIKK: Not in Hungary. Here it was called Slut.

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